Who Am I?

Hi, I am hikerell, a forsaken hiker wallowing in the Computer Science.

There are 10 kinds of humen bings and yep, I should belong to the group who learn some computer science in it. :-)

I’m intrested in the Comuter Sicence and working as a security engineer at a company in China. Here are some works I am woking on at my leisure time.

Papers & Works

Ouroboros: Tearing Xen Hypervisor With the Snake, 2016.08, slides for Blackhat USA 2016

Exploit Two Xen Hypervisor Vulnerabilities, 2016.08 white-paper for Blackhat USA 2016

XSA-185/CVE-2016-7092 Xen Virtualization Escape Vulnerability No.2, 2016.07

Advanced Exploitation: Xen Hypervisor VM Escape, 2016.05 HITB 2016 Conference at Amsterdam

XSA-148/CVE-2015-7835 Xen Virtualization Escape Vulnerability No.1, 2015.10

CVE-2014-6332 DVE Exploitation Technology Analysis, 2014.11

CVE-2014-3566 POODLE Attacks on SSLv3 Technology Analysis, 2014.10


mail: hikerell@gmail.com

Do not hesitate to use my PGP key if big brothers are watching you!

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